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Using mostly hand tools (including vintage tools) I cut, fix, and finish each item by hand. One of my favourite tools is a spoke shave / draw knife which I use to shape the wood, depending on the piece. When the wood is delivered to my workshop it’s rough (to say the least) so I have to spend hours sanding each piece to achieve a really silky smooth finish. I also like to include the natural bark in some pieces as this adds to its unique identity.


Each piece of furniture is created from carefully selected pieces of wood which I choose based on their unique shape and patination.

I often start with a design in my mind and then sketch it out. If I don’t have a design in mind then I’ll look at the piece of timber to get my inspiration, spending time getting a feel for the wood so that I can create a piece that enhances the best bits.



Every piece I design and create is a one-off. You really are buying something hand-made, and not something that’s from the end of a production line. I take great care and time to ensure each piece is individual, charismatic, and of the uppermost quality. I hope you enjoy it!

Inspired by Nature. Built on passion.

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